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Fruits Of Righteousness Being Eaten Up!

My Lord, what does this dream mean? It seemed like a bad dream to me, but I do not understand what it was that was being shown to me. I was just talking to our oldest daughter about there are times that we are shown certain people in a dream, but the person we know, does not act like the person we saw in the dream. So it is not that person in the dream, but someone who is in the same position as that person! In the dream the Lord gave me, I saw that my family and I were on our way to the Man of God's house, for Services on a Sunday morning. But there was a disagreement between my husband and I prior to going over there. I am not sure what it was, but in this situation, my husband was wrong in his thinking and what he did. He said, in a fighting and provoking way, "I am going to replica watches uk tell Xmeah!" and I said, "Good! Tell him, because I was going to tell him, too!" When we got to Xmeah's house, my husband lied and said what had happened, but he did not tell the whole story! When I stood up to protest to what he was saying, I was told by Xmeah to keep quiet, so I did! My husband continued to speak lies in front of Xmeah, and I was boiling on the inside! But I did not say anything! Then Xmeah spoke, and I was the one who got reprimanded because the way my husband spoke, it made it seem like I was the one that was wrong! I got in a lot of trouble and I took what was being said, but I knew it was not right! I knew that Xmeah spoke according to the words that were spoken to him, and took it as if my husband was speaking truth to him! I know that he will counsel us, according to what we say to him. But if we lie to him, then the counsel we receive is not pertaining to breitling replica that situation! I was very angry that my husband lied on me like that, and I stood up and pointed in his face, and said, "God knows! And God will judge this!" Then I repeated it and said again, "God knows!" It was as if I was being kicked out of the group for what had been said! But what was said was a lie! Then my husband started to talk about a football game that was coming on at 11 that he wanted to see. So he and Xmeah started to talk about football! I could not believe that my husband was trying to manipulate the preacher like that, to get him to let him watch football when we were there to hear the Word of the Lord. I sat down and I was sad and depressed because of what had happened and I was having evil thoughts about running away and not telling anyone where I was going. My Lord, what does this mean, because I know that my husband does not act like this! What does this mean to me? But also in this dream, it was shown that someone had control over me, as if I were their slave and they were telling me that I would not be allowed to have anymore babies, and they were making me eat all of my eggs that were inside of rolex replica me! I was crying because I would not be able to have anymore children. But I do not know who this was that had control over me, or how my eggs got out of my body. It was as if they had done surgery on me, without me knowing it. Once I was finished eating the eggs, I had to show it to someone to show them that I was done and that I was now barren. My Lord what does this mean? ________________________________________ "The Morning!" Oh, how wonderful Your Word is! When understanding comes, so does the peace! Amen! This is what I read on www.xmeah.com for today: Do you know Death is travelling with you when you are travelling with evil in your mind? No! Death makes you unaware! Why do you come before a man of God? Coming to a man of God with something to say is a sin! You have to be aware of your own sinful ways. Do you know that God already knows everything that is going on? Are you preparing yourself to hear what God has to say? Who are you that you think you need to inform God about what is going on? Those who are deceiving are also being deceived by God; and, they don’t know that God is setting them up because they are not being honest. What do you know about a man of God? Do you know what he knows? Did not God warn people about lying before a man of God? Do you know what God is intending to do? Do you remember He said He would strike suddenly? The key is to watch for yourself that you are not coming before a man of God in the wrong way! What another person decides to do is his business! If he wants to tempt God, that is his business! What about all of those Angels Who are encamped round about the man of God as They were shown being around Elisha? Who knows what God is getting ready to do? God has set people up before; and, He will do it again because people do continue in their evil ways! They are bold enough in their wickedness to come before a man of God with evil, because they are unbelievers! Suddenly shall they be shocked! But, are you being manipulated to come before a man of God with evil intents in your mind? Pay attention to the subtle ways of the darkness! With whom is the evil? If the evil is travelling with you in another person; whom do you think the evil is trying to entice? Watch; and, pray that you are not led into temptations! You could be made unaware of how the evil manipulated you in your thoughts! Why would you forget how God told you to come before Him? Evil is going to do something to get you out of the way, also! Then, there will be two that God will kill for coming to Him in the wrong way! Did you pay attention to Hell moving upon you because of the evil someone else did? You have seen people being deceitful before a man of God, and you have become very angry! Is this watchman so unaware he needs someone to inform him as to what is going on? Maybe he is not concerned about something that Satan cannot accomplish in the first place. Who is the Judge? Did you forget where you are coming to? Yes, I have seen people come into the assembly with bitterness in them towards another person whom they know is doing evil. But, why did they not consider how they presented themselves to God? The Word said to come before Him with praises, and with giving of thanks! What can the evil do to get you to forget? Be not hasty to utter anything before the Lord! Amen! And I say, "Amen!" I also considered my Fruits of Righteousness being eaten up! Who can cause my Fruits to be eaten up, but me? Who was eating the Fruit? It was me! I was eating up my own Fruits of Righteousness, by my sin! I just listened to the Report the Lord had on the website for today, it is www.4th-seal.com/01-01-2010.mp3! I rejoiced to hear what the Lord was saying. I do ask that I would be given that which it showed I did not have in the dream, to just be quiet and do exactly what God said to do! In the dream I had been provoked so greatly that I forgot what the Lord told me to do and that was to stay quiet! I blurted out and then I was in transgression too! I did not know what God was doing! It might have seemed like things were going a certain way, to me, but what was it that God was really doing? Amen! My Lord the understanding that You have brought forth, about this dream is fantastic! It rejoices me tremendously and I thank You for giving us Xmeah, in whom I can receive the understanding of Your Word! Amen!


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