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On our way to Services, yesterday, I was telling the family about a dream the Lord gave me and a certain word that I had never paid attention to before, which was the word “practice,” in practice medicine! I was amazed at being given to hear words and for Xmeah, the Man of God, to email me and say that it was good that I was hearing words!  It really rejoiced my heart to see something that God had done for me!  I know that it is very important that I learn to hear from the Spirit!  My very life depends on it!  It is the Spirit that is going to lead me out of here, and away from destruction!  So much had been opened up to me!  So much more, I could see, than I had seen before!  But not looking back at what was done, but looking ahead to what is now!  What amazing things is God doing for me right now!  Yesterday has come and gone.  But today is here!  Amen!

I have a cousin who is now a doctor.  Everyone in the family rejoiced when he graduated from college, to become a doctor; but I did not.  I know that the Lord said that those who want to become doctors, have a gift to heal, but they turn to the way of the darkness to learn to heal people.  The way of the darkness does not heal; it maims! 

I saw my cousin in a dream last night.  Everything was gray.  I know that gray is a mixture of light and darkness.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is also, some light and some darkness, but because of the darkness in it, it makes it all to be darkness!  The things that are obtained by that knowledge, start off as seeming to be good, but it ends up bad!  It ends up being nothing but evil! 

My cousin is four years younger than me.  I saw him riding in a red convertible car, with the top off!  His head was uncovered! He had no protection! 

To the world, he looked like he was prospering, and he held a high position, but to me, I saw the errors of his way and that he was on a dark path. 

What was it that I said to him?

“You may have a license to practice medicine, but you still do not know how to drive!”

I was referring to the license that he was given to “practice medicine,” as they call it.

But doesn’t the word “practice” signify that a person does not know how to do something and they are doing it over and over, until they get it right?  Yes, that is true! There is much experimenting going on in these days by those, who are called doctors. They are giving people things that they do not know what these drugs will do. Then they ask the patient, later on, what side effects did they have so that they can report the matter. People are being used as guinea pigs for these pharmaceutical companies! They give more medicine and then ask you to come back again, to see what did this one do.  It is a vicious cycle.

But I have heard, “The secret parts are given to God!” This is His territory!

Many years ago, I heard the Word of the Lord, given to us, by Xmeah and he asked us if we had a Ford car, would we take it to a Chevrolet dealership to have it fixed? No! So why do people, who were made by God, take their bodies to another man, just like themselves, to be fixed? Why not take it to replica watches God, Who created it and knows everything about it? Amen!

People are not healed when they go into the hospitals, they are cut on, and things are either cut off, or cut out of them. The person who leaves the hospital, does not go out, jumping and shouting, with rejoicing about being healed! They get wheeled out, in a wheelchair, often times, looking more sickly than they had when they first went in! But not only that, but then the person is in distress of heart for the bill that they have to pay!

The doctors have no mercy on these people! They want their money! I have heard of high bills that people have to pay, and they are not able to do it! They end up getting their lights and water turned off, because they are paying off these high hospital bills! Some people end up eating out of dumpsters, just so they can afford to pay for their medication! This is sad to see, and it is not of God!

God does not charge to heal His children! Healing is free!

But because there is fear of death, I know that people continue to go to doctors! I also know that they do not know any other way!

It is just like when I was pregnant for the first time. I did not know any other way, then the way of going to the hospital to have a baby.

Our first son that was born, was taken from me, by a c-section. I was in labor for a very long time, and it was almost time for a shift change. They wanted to hurry it along and have the baby delivered, before the shift was up. There was a nurse who was with me, who told me this, but I did not pay too much attention to replica watches uk what she was saying, at the time. Now that I look back, I understand! I also read where people who have insurance will often get a cesarean, because the doctor gets more money! So, because I was young, stupid, had full coverage insurance, and in the darkness, I was given a cesarean for the first child.

It was a horrible experience the entire 8 days that I was in the hospital.

About 3 months later, when I found out I was pregnant again, with our second child I cried, because I thought about I would have to go back to the hospital and go through all of that hell again!

But I thank God, that at that time, I was in contact with Xmeah, the Man of God, and he was the one who told me about having the baby at home with a midwife!

No one had ever told me about that option!

Lord God, I do thank You for Xmeah! If it had not been for him, I would still being going to doctors, to this day, for all of my problems! But because You had mercy on me and sent me a Man of God, I was taught about healing by faith and about having babies at home, the natural, God-given way! Since that day, I have had 3 more children, at home, even though the doctor said I would not be able to rolex replica have any more children naturally! I have never had any complications or any problems! And all the praise and glory goes to You, O Lord! Amen!

Send forth deliverance, O God, I pray! My young cousin is in trouble, as are many others. But he was the one who was shown in a dream.

What do I have that he would listen to me? Yes, I am older than him, and they say you are to listen to your elders, but if he sees me, what is it that he sees that he desires about me? What do I have that would make him listen to me?

In the dream, he was in a fancy car, where I was on foot. I do not dress up, and I do not have fancy clothes. I own no vehicles, I own no houses, land, or other property. In fact, all I own is three dresses, one shirt and a pair of shoes! I had two pairs, but I lost one of them, so I only have one pair now! I laugh when I write this! Thank You for the joy and laughter that You give, O Lord! What do I have that anyone would desire to be like me? I look like a fool to them, and sound like one that is out of their mind!

But in this, did not God say to rejoice? He said to rejoice and count myself to be blessed if I am despised by the world. The world hated Him, first! And by walking in His Ways, we set ourselves up to be hated also!

In the dream, my cousin would not listen to me. But the Lord also said that those who knew us, when we were in the darkness, will be the last ones to listen to us, now. The last time he saw me, I was 15 and 16 years old! That was in the craziest time of my life! At that point of my life, I had gone “stark-raving mad!” So that is the last thing he has in his mind, about me! Just like the last thing I had in my mind about him was this annoying little 12 year old brat, who could quote every line of the movie Top Gun, from start to finish, which drove me insane!

My memory of him was updated, though. In the dream, I saw him grown, as he is now. I have seen pictures of him, but I have not seen him in person, in over 20 years!

So, given a license to do something, is permission by the state, or some authority to do what is done. There are those who are given a license to do certain things, and others who do the same things, without the license, are fined, or even jailed! I look at the license to drive! My mother taught me to drive, since I was 13 years old. But I did not get a license to drive, issued by the state, until I was 21 years old!

There are those who have the gift and knowledge of how to deliver babies, but most of the states requires them to have licenses to do this. If midwives are caught delivering children without this license, they are thrown into prison! Through indoctrination they push the people into a way, and through fear they keep them there!

I was also one that was taught that this was the only way to be healed and have a baby. But now, I am being taught another way! I am being taught the more perfect way! The way of Faith! The Way of God!

In the dream, my cousin had a license to “practice medicine,” but those who have the gift of knowledge of the herbs are referred to as “quacks!” They are jailed if they are caught performing services for people without a license to practice medicine.

I told my cousin he still did not know how to drive! What was being referred to, here, my Lord? It did not seem like it was the car, as the focus, but what about driving the gift?

He desired to become a healer, but went the way of the world and became a sorcerer, which is called a “doctor.” He did not know how to drive that gift! He had no one to guide him and teach him in the right way. He was led into the way that others have gone into. The way that leads away from faith in God!

I remember the colors of the dream. That was amazing to me, too! Everything was gray, except for the car, and the color of my cousin’s skin, which was brown. He was sitting in a red car! Red symbolizes that which attracts attention and it is also symbolic of evil! My cousin was born from a Hispanic woman, which is also of the red race, but his father is black. Not that black is evil, but it is symbolic of the darkness! My Lord, this is a wonderful dream, and it is good to start to hear things! Amen!

Not as I think, but as You know! Thoughts try to come to me about what the meaning of “just around the corner,” means. I will wait on You, so help me God! Everything that is of You, gives peace! There is no anxiousness or nervousness in what You do! Amen!

Thank You for giving me to meditate on Your Word throughout the day, upon my bed and as I am going about doing the things that I have to do. It came to me about not heaping material things to myself, where it could become a stumbling block for me when it is time to leave! It is written that we can use these things, but we are not to become in bondage to it. Amen!


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